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Nov 2

Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Your air conditioner is going to crank up regardless of the fact that it's scorching hot. Regular maintenance will help make the cooling system in your home last longer, just like it does for your car. Air duct cleaning is an additional service to consider to prolong the life of your HVAC system.


Even if you regularly replace filters, your HVAC contractors' colorado springs will still need to be cleaned every day. Your air ducts are a favorite hiding place for dust, dirt, and allergies. The airborne pollutants and toxins within the dust and grime are not just affecting the quality of your indoor air, and they can also cause your system to perform more efficiently. Not only would this raise your energy bills, but it will also affect the life of your system.


Are you interested in finding out if your ducts need to be cleaned? Here are five indicators that your air ducts have become filthy!



While we all know how hazardous dust can be to our family's health, mold can be totally different! It's not just capable of causing allergies and respiratory difficulties, but it also can spread throughout your home.


Mold growth can occur within your ducts due to condensation in the heating and cooling systems, particularly where you live in humid regions. There may be evidence of mold on the vent covers. Still, many components of your heating and cooling system are also difficult to reach, which makes mold within your air ducts especially difficult to spot visually. On the other hand, Mold could be difficult to detect and is usually accompanied by the smell of musty.




Does your home get dusty regardless of how many times you vacuum it? Dusting isn't fun; however, it's one we all must complete now and again. It is recommended to have your ducts cleaned if you notice that all the flat surfaces in your house are immediately covered with dust after removing your cleaning products!


Dirt, dust, pet dander, and other harmful particles can stay within the air ducts of even the cleanest houses. You might see dust coming from your HVAC system's vents once it's turned on. Be sure to check the air return and supply vents of your home.


Rodents or insects have infested ducts.


Mice, insects, and squirrels may infect your air ducts. Vermin also leave behind bacteria. If rodents enter the ductwork, they create nests and leave droppings, spreading small fecal spores all over the system. The spores could infiltrate your home and contaminate the air you breathe.


The problem is that rodents love living in ducts and will get into them and find an open access point. Once they've settled into the area, the ductwork can become the personal road for rodents, who use it to move around your house.


Your house is brand new or has recently had a major renovation.


Construction can be a catastrophe. Dust and debris will always find their way in regardless of whether contractors are fastidious about getting rid of it and closing off work areas to keep the rest of the building spotless.


Price of Energy Increasing


You ought to be able to predict the cost of cooling and heating from year to year. If you receive a much more expensive bill than the previous year, the reason could be dirty ductwork.


If the ductwork isn't cleaned enough, the air can't flow easily throughout your HVAC system. Both your furnace and air conditioner will need to be more efficient in maintaining a reasonable temperature when this occurs. You and your family could suffer higher costs for utility services due to the higher energy use.

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