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Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance is Essential

Nov 26

Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance is Essential

Central Florida has seen summer arrive, which means high temperatures and humidification. People use home air conditioners and HVAC DC heaters to keep cool and comfortable.

An air conditioner that isn't operating properly can cause more serious problems than simple discomfort. Avoiding routine maintenance could lead to expensive repairs and replacements. You can avoid this by keeping your air conditioner in top condition.


Here are some top reasons why you should have your air conditioner checked this summer.


Protection of crucial equipment

A replacement air conditioner is expensive, especially if you need to do it every few years. It will make your equipment last for longer by making sure you maintain it. HVAC pros say regular maintenance could have saved many air conditioner replacements.


Regular examinations decrease the risk of costly and unexpected repairs. The need for emergency services is significantly reduced. A professional technician can notify you about any worn parts or need for replacement components while servicing your A/C system. This will avoid any damage or an emergency call.


If they are properly maintained, air conditioners are less stressed. Clogged ducts and dirty filters can make it harder for A/C units to generate sufficient air. This can put more strain on the engine as well as the cooling equipment.


It is possible to save on energy.

Preventative maintenance helps air conditioners perform at their peak. This preventative maintenance helps with energy conservation. Checkups for A/C should include regular cleaning of cooling coils, blades, and other parts. This improves energy efficiency and results in lower utility costs.


Many critical checkpoints will be included in your air conditioner tune-up, including duct cleaning, coolant monitoring/replacement, complete inspection of equipment and seals, thermostat check, and more.

It is important to change your air filter at least once a month. This will help prolong the life expectancy of your A/C unit. You may need the filter to be changed once per month during high seasons. Filters are available at home improvement stores and are easy to install.

If you have questions or concerns about when and how to change your filter, our friendly staff will be glad to help. We can also assist with air conditioning repair in Daytona Beach.


Comfort and Peace of Mind

Families spend most of their time at the home, away from work and education. This makes air quality a major priority.

Disrepair can lead to dirt and debris building up around and in the air conditioners. Over time, indoor air quality can suffer from this. Clogged filters can also allow air contaminants into the home, leading to allergic reactions and poor breathing quality. Why risk the safety of your guests and family?


All aspects of air conditioning can be installed in Daytona Beach or the surrounding area to keep your family cool. Contact us immediately to make an appointment.


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