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Furnace Repair Cleveland Ohio

Dec 1

Furnace Repair Cleveland

For furnace repairs in Cleveland, our furnace repair experts canbe relied upon. It is vital to have an efficient, reliable electric, gas, or oil furnace to withstand Cleveland's severe winters.

We can offer you suggestions for furnace repairs and will give you options to restore warmth to your home.

Our furnace and heating technicians are factory-trained on the most recent high-efficiency furnaces and boilers and best practices in installation and repair.

Cleveland Furnace Installation

Our furnace installation experts are highly qualified. For safety, comfort, and energy savings, our installation process is meticulous. You deserve to feel comfortable and warm in your home. We wear work mats and cover our feet when we are finished with furnace service. We'll remove any broken components and thoroughly clean the area.

Call us today to avoid regretting calling the wrong company when you need furnace repair or installation services. Call us today at 216-238-3235 to make the right call.

Here Are Some Heating Services We Specialize In

We are a heating company specializing in furnace repair and furnace installation services for residential and business clients and provide furnace emergency service 24 hours a day. In addition, our services include commercial HVAC repairs and customized heating system installations.

They also provide preventive maintenance for all models and makes of HVAC equipment. We offer electric, programmable, and gas furnace installation.

Intelligent Solutions for a Comfortable Residence

Our furnace company has served residential and commercial customers in Cleveland and the surrounding areas for many years. Our techs are certified to install all types of heating systems, including dual fuel and gas furnaces. The company's furnace repair team can fix common issues such as unusual noises and foul odors. They also resolve leaks.

Furnace Replacement Costs in Cleveland, Ohio

Min Cost $1.367.00, Avg Cost $1.512.00, Max Cost $1.658.00

Suppose your Cleveland furnace is older than 15 years or is not running as well. In that case, you should have your furnace replaced immediately. You should not attempt to replace your furnace yourself if you own your house. If you try to replace the furnace yourself, you could do more damage than good. In addition, this can lead to higher costs in the end. 

A trained professional should be able to handle your furnace replacement requirements. It is best to hire a qualified expert familiar with modern Cleveland heating systems and appropriate sizes for your particular home.

What Is the Cost of a Cleveland Furnace Repair?

Furnace repairs can cost between $131 and $478 on average. An electric furnace can be repaired for $300 or less. Due to their complexity, gas furnace repairs can run from $375 up to $1200. Most HVAC professionals charge $75. Hourly rates can be as low as $50 to $150.

What are the Most Common Furnace Cleveland Repairs

  • Thermostat Not Working.
  • Filters that are dirty or clogged.
  • Flickering or Weak Pilot Lights.
  • Cracked Heat Exchanger.
  • Malfunctioning Blower Belt or Frayed.
  • Furnace Over-Cycling.
  • Limit Switch Malfunction. Furnace Doesn't Burn.

What Causes a Furnace Not to Work?

The thermostat is not on.

  • The circuit breaker has been flipped.
  • Clogged Air Filter.
  • Access Panel to Furnace is not installed correctly.
  • The furnace is not properly lubricated.
  • The flame sensor needs to be cleaned.
  • Heat Exchanger Is Cracked.

Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water

It could be many several things. The most common reason they leak water is condensation. In high-efficiency furnaces, condensation is produced by cool exhausts, and cool exhausts allow these furnaces to be channeled to a drain on the floor. A clogging of condensation tubing can often cause a blockage. A blocked floor drain can also cause water not to flow.

Water leaks can occur even if you don't have a high-efficiency furnace.

  • Defective secondary heat exchanging unit
  • A defective furnace humidifier
  • Bogged internal drain

These three problems are expensive to fix. But a professional can help with furnace repairs. Any of these situations could result in water leaking from the furnace. It can cause severe damage and may even lead to downtime.

Why is my Furnace Always Turning On?

This is the type of furnace issue that we get most questions about. However, it is usually easy to fix, and you don't need to call in professionals.

Furnace furnaces that are not adequately maintained tend to turn on and off more often than necessary. In addition, filter obstructions can cause furnaces to overheat or stop working. Most likely, your furnace filter has not been changed in the last month.

You have tried changing your filter but have not seen any improvements. Your thermostat may be too close to heat sources, such as sunlight, heat registers, and fireplaces. The thermostat could think your home's temperature is higher than it really is. The furnace could be set to turn off too frequently or even too early.

The furnace isn't properly sized for your house can cause short cycling. A too-large furnace than what your house needs will heat too quickly and shut off. After your home cools, the cycle repeats. It's the most expensive problem. But, you can replace your furnace.

How Do I Light the Furnace Pilot Light?

Here's how you can turn on your furnace pilot light.

  1. Refer to the instructions label attached to your furnace.
  2. Find the pilot light and its components.
  3. Set the pilot dial "off."
  4. Allow the gas vapor to escape for at most five minutes.
  5. To activate the pilot, dial press "pilot." To activate the pilot, dial press "pilot."
  6. The "reset" button is located near the dial. The lighter flame should be brought close to the pilot light's opening.
  7. Click on the "reset" button.

Now, your furnace pilot light needs to be turned on.

Why does my furnace blow cold air?

It is easy for furnaces that blow cold air to get started. But, first, you should check the fan setting on your furnace. If the furnace's fan turns on but produces no warm air, it should be set to auto. It makes sure that the furnace is heating air and that the fan does not run.

Dirty filters could cause cold air buildup and make your furnace shut down. However, warm air will soon fill your home once you have replaced your filter.

Last but not least, be sure to check your pilot light. If the pilot light goes off, it could be that your furnace is trying to run without heat sources. For help in getting the pilot light back on, please refer to the question.

Why is my Furnace Still Running?

The furnace's thermostat fan setting is typically set to "on" so that it runs continuously. To correct the problem, set the thermostat to "auto" To fix the problem, change the thermostat setting to "auto" and set it at a lower temperature than the current room temperature. After approximately five minutes, the furnace will start to cycle.

The furnace might not be turning on. It may not be cycling.

  • The fan limit switch can be set to "manual overload."
  • Fan limit switch malfunction.
  • Your thermostat may have been incorrectly wired.

Before calling a heating technician for assistance, make sure your fan isn't set to manual overload. The fan limit switch can be found in the lower left-hand corner on the furnace panel cover. Once you locate the switch, be sure to not press the small button in white.

By pressing the button, you can set the switch to manual. However, it will cause the fan to continue running continuously, as it will override your thermostat settings. Push the button to turn the switch back to auto.

Let's assume you have reset your switch to auto but still hear the system working. It's best to call an expert to diagnose the problem.

Why is My Furnace so Loud

There are many sounds that your furnace makes, including rattling, screeching, and other unpleasant noises. Nearly all of these noises can lead to you questioning if your furnace has a problem.

There are many reasons your furnace might be making unusual, loud noises.

  • Improper blower assembly
  • Expanding ductwork
  • No screws or loose debris
  • Leaky ductwork
  • Motor bearing or bad belt

My Furnace Doesn't Smell Like It Used To

Rotten eggs. Burning wax. Dust. Many different smells can be produced by your furnace. All of them are unpleasant for the nose.

There are three main reasons why your furnace might emit an unusual odor.

  • The furnace isn't being used
  • Your air filter has become clogged
  • A natural gas leak is occurring
  • Heating the furnace parts is easy.

Natural gas leaks represent the worst problem. Turn the furnace off immediately if there are any gasses or smells of gas near it. The windows should be opened immediately. Close your doors immediately.

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