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4 Things To Check Before Calling for Furnace Repair

May 12

furnace repairYou're all covered up from head to toe, but a chill wind still permeates the air inside your home. Oh no, your furnace has stopped working! The first thing that may come to mind is a call for furnace repair London, ON. It's never a bad thing to do. But, did you know there are some things you should factor in before making that call to professional HVAC technicians from MaxCare Heating & Cooling

The following are four common reasons why your furnace might not be working:

Clogged Air Filters

Is your furnace turning on but not blowing heat as much as usual? A dirty air filter is often to blame for an inefficient furnace. The filter traps debris, dust, and dirt, which eventually can restrict airflow, causing the heat exchanger to overheat and preventing the furnace from functioning properly.

It is recommended to change your filters every three months. Simply replace the filter with a new one from your local hardware or discount store and follow your owner's manual instructions. 

Thermostat Problems

A thermostat is the control center of your heating system. It controls the amount and timing of heat delivered by your furnace. Despite its mysteries, it is, in fact, quite simple. 

As a first step, switch your thermostat to heat rather than cool, then raise it 5 degrees above room temperature, then check to see if your furnace comes on.

If it is not working properly, it could be a problem with the batteries. If the batteries run out, the display will go blank, and your heating and cooling system will cease to function. It is best to replace your batteries each year to avoid this problem.

Furnace Switch Problems

Is it possible that your furnace may not be on? While it may seem obvious, if you had a furnace repair London, ON or routine maintenance recently and it isn't working, you might want to make sure that it has been switched back on. Every furnace has a basic power switch. Find a standard wall switch near or on the furnace and check if it is on or off.

In addition, you might want to check the circuit breaker or fuse for your furnace, as it could have been turned off.

Last but not least, make sure the front panel covering the blower motor is firmly attached – there is a push-button underneath, and you have to depress it to turn your furnace on.

Obstructed Air Ducts

Are there cold spots in your home even when hot air flows out? Check your air ducts. If you see handles protruding from the ducts, these are dampers that regulate airflow. Make sure that they are fully opened.

When it is still cold in some rooms, it may be because of leaking or poorly designed ducts. Don't ignore this, as it can spike your energy bills. Examine any ducts you can access for blockage or leaks restricting airflow. 

Do the ducts or branching points have any gaps between them? Use metal duct tape to seal them. Ducts should also be cleaned and repaired by professionals like MaxCare Heating & Cooling.

Finally, keep your vents free from any obstruction by furniture and objects in your house, like plants, drapes, and wall decor.

It's Time to Call in the Professionals!

Having checked everything above and still your furnace isn't working, and then it's time to call for help. Schedule an appointment with the highest-reviewed HVAC services in London, ON for years. MaxCare Heating & Cooling is homeowners’ most trusted HVAC expert offering furnace repair London, ON and so much more! Contact them today for an appointment!