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What Is Included In AC Installation Service?

Jul 27

Everyone will agree that hiring a professional to handle your AC installation in Choctaw, OK is the safest and smartest way to go. But what does an AC installation service typically include? Let's take a look.


A Glimpse of What's to Come

When you hire a professional AC installation service, here are a few things you can expect to happen:


Gathering of important data/site inspection

AC installers are often required to gather important data during their work. This data can include the dimensions of the space they are working in, the type and size of the AC unit being installed, and the customer's specific needs. This information is crucial in ensuring that the installation is done properly and that the AC unit can function optimally. Without it, installers would be working blind, which could lead to all sorts of problems.


Removing the old equipment

This phase of AC installation in Choctaw, OK

applies to properties requiring AC replacement. Removing the old AC is generally a straightforward process, but it's important to be done carefully so as not to cause damage to the property. Once the old unit has been removed, the installer will clean up the area and prepare it for the new AC unit.


Installing the new equipment

With the old AC unit out of the way, the installer can then focus on installing the new one. This process will vary depending on the specific unit being installed, but it typically involves putting together various parts and then connecting them to both the power source and the ductwork. Once everything is connected and in place, the installer will test the unit to ensure it's working properly.


Standard AC Installation: What To Expect?


If you ask for a standard AC installation in Choctaw, OK

 from your chosen contractor, they will install your unit using only what the equipment's manufacturer provides. In other words, they will not add or remove parts in your air conditioner or use specialized tools. For instance, you are installing a mini-split in a concrete wall that's too thick. The installers may ask you for an additional charge for drilling a hole in that wall since the work will require specialized tools.


The standard AC installation in Choctaw, OK is the most basic form of installation and is typically used for units that are going into homes or businesses for the first time. If you have an older unit or one that has been damaged, it's best to discuss your requirements with your chosen HVAC contractor.


How To Ensure Installation Success?


There are a few things you can do to ensure that your AC installation goes smoothly:


  1. Choose the right contractor - Do your research and take your time in choosing an AC installation contractor in Choctaw, OK. Read reviews, compare prices, and ask for recommendations from friends or family.


  1. Prepare your space - Before the installers arrive, clear the area where the AC unit will be installed. This will give them plenty of room to work and help avoid any potential damage to your belongings.


  1. Have all the necessary information - As we mentioned before, AC installers need certain information to do their job properly. Be sure to have the dimensions of the space, the type and size of the AC unit, and your specific needs on hand so that they can be certain to get the job done right.


  1. Be available - During the installation process, it's important to be available in case the installers have questions or need assistance. This will help to ensure that the process goes smoothly and that you're happy with the final result.


  1. Ask questions - If you're not sure about something, or you have any questions, be sure to ask. The installers should be more than happy to answer any of your questions and address any concerns you may have.


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